Carlo Guidetti is a highly skilled Italian artist whose work has been exhibited and awarded internationally.

Born in Modena in 1949, Guidetti is a professional engineer who over the years has developed his skills as both a digital and analogue artist. In the early 1980s he embarked on an extensive research of visual image and form as representation and reflection, analysing life throught creation and invention.

Guidetti does not aim to reproduce reality per se, like a reporter; he is hermeneutic, in that he captures images with the eye of one whose mind can observe and interpret them with incredible innovation. Through his photographic lens he scrutinizes and pierces the object, and then tells something new, that goes beyond the initial perception. The object is extrapolated from reality, placed beyond space and time in order to create a state of knowledge that after an initial intuition transports the viewer to another dimension, where it establishes a context of correspondence between the objective state and subjective feelings.
The artist’s engineering background and his creative ability are the elements that make his work so unique in its representation. These are simple things such as cars, large squares, night scenes, skyscrapers, aerial perspectives almost overhanging or even the abstract play of light.  It is clear that his art delves deeper, managing to create an ideal match between the world as it is and the his intellectual understanding of it.
Guidetti’s initial exhibitions took place in his hometown where, in 2007 he staged a solo exhibition entitled; ‘La Storia Riflessa Nel Mito’ (History Reflected In The Myth) where provocatively he played with the baroque architecture of the Military Academy juxtaposed with the innovation represented by the unmistakable design of the Ferrari car.
In the spring of 2008 he exhibited at the “Book-Fiera della Piccola e Media editoria”  (Book-Fair of Small and Medium Publishing), organized by the Town Council in the Halls of the Forum Boario, three images of the "Ghirlandina" covered by sheets painted by Paladino represented not as reality but as invention. Also in 2008, the images of the military academy reflected on the hood of a ferrari car were repeated at an exhibition entitled “Modena terra di motori” (Modern Land of Motors) and, in the summer at the Floorarte event held at the Villa Cavazza he revived one of the images of the "Ghirlandina" later published in the newspaper "The Information". The same images were later reissued by "Coffee Concert" at the "Festival of Philosophy".
In 2009 he was invited to participate in the project "Ghirlandina and Around" by the Modena City Council. Guidetti's work was published on the cover of the exhibition book.
Subsequently in 2009, one of Guidetti’s images of the "Ghirlandina" was used on the cover of the debut book of the writer Claudio Modena Vergnan and in the summer he exhibited ten images entitled ‘’The Mountains of Water’’, at the Ducal Gardens.  The artist has also exhibited around the world, participating in some of the most prestigious exhibitions in cities such as Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and London.